Herbal cosmetics

Anti Hair Fall Shampoo:

Herbal shampoo has been made using only herbs and natural ingredients. It stops hair loss, prevents dandruff and scales. It contains eight different
powerful herbs and no chemicals. Even the water used is from natural springs uncontaminated by man. The shampoo contains natural soap as a base. Three to four weeks of regular use shows positive results in most people.

Herbal Hair Oil: For maintenance & growth: a hair tonic.

Hair oil: The hair oil is very effective against Hairfall, Dandruff, Scale formation, and more Importantly prevents Baldness and promotes Growth of Hair. It is produced using ancient proven blends of natural and efficacious herbs. The ingredients are carefully selected from shola forests of kodaikanal and elsewhere and hygienically prepared. Care is taken at every stage and only natural shola spring water is used for preparing the extract for the oil. As all ingredients are natural, they are completely free from synthetic chemicals, and are most effective.

Anti dandruff shampoo: 

A sure shot remedy for dandruff.

Dandruff seems to be a single cause for many hair conditions.

Some of the problems arising out of dandruff:

  • Hair fall: Dandruff is a fungus and infects the scalp. It affects the pores and hair follicles on the scalp. Because of this,the pores on the scalp is blocked.It gives rise to dryness on the scalp.which in turn increases the infection by providing conducive conditions. Sweat ,grime and fumes compound the matter.
  • Hair thinning: Dandruff affects the growth of hair by blocking the hair follicles. The nutrition does not reach the hair roots.So the hair becomes thin.
  • Hair splits: Because the vital nutrition provided by the body does not reach the hair roots,in some cases the hair ends split.
  • Rashes and boils: Dandruff is a fungus and it can cause rashes on the scalp and face. Similarly,boils appear on the scalp and face. Small boils get infected, cause pain and also spread.
  • In order to provide nutrition to hair roots and natural growth,the scalp should be clean and without any infection.
  • The shampoo is completely natural and rids dandruff in 3 or 4 applications, while cleaning the scalp.

1) Cold lotion:
The lotion is used for the face,hands and shoulders.
It contains Avocado oil.Keeps the skin supple and healthy.Prevents cracking of the skin due to extremes in temperature.

2) Turmeric  Lemon face milk:
It contains the goodness of turmeric,cleansing properties of lemon and Aloe.Keeps the skin moist and free from infection.
The healing properties of Turmeric and Aloe vera keeps the face free from pimples,acne and black heads.

3) Sundari oil:
The oil contains a unique herbal formula.This contains herbs that are mentioned in ancient texts for complexion and skin care.
Removes unwanted hair gradually,improves complexion and gives the face a radiant look.Contains Sandal,Vetiver(Khus),Turmeric and other herbs.In a base of Almond and Avocado oils,the oil can be used on all types of skin and by all.

5) Moisturising Gel: It Aloe vera preparation is very good for use on dry skin.

6) Tea tree Gel: It is for use on the face.Keeps the face free of boils,pimples etc.The Tea tree oil is a powerful antiseptic.

7) Face mask powder:The mask is prepared by mixing this powder with honey and lime juice.Applied like any other mask.Keeps the face radiant and the skin supple.Regular use keeps the face free of boils,pimples and alters the dryness.

8) Face mask gel:It is a convenient mask that contains herbs and also Aloe vera.On regular use,improves skin.

9) Rose water face wash:The goodness of rose for the face needs no mention. The distilled Rose water contains benificial herbs such as Khus and Sugandh kokila.

10) Herbal shampoo:
Anti hair loss shampoo:This shampoo has been manufactured using only herbs and natural ingredients. This shampoo stops hair loss, prevents dandruff and scales.It contains eight differentpowerful herbs and no chemicals. Even the water used is from natural springs uncontaminated by man.this contains natural soap as a base. Four weeks of regularuse shows positive results in most people.

11) Carrot root oil:
It is an infusion of the carrot roots in a mixture of oils such as Avocado oil and other oils..It is very rich in Carotenes,Vitamins A and E. It very good for skin .As a massage oil for infants,for post delivery stretch marks and as a nourishing tonic for facial skin.It removes black heads and roughness on the face.
12)Face Mask:
Drawn from traditional formulas,this face mask is designed to suit all types of facial skin.
Containing over twelve herbs such as Sandal,Vetiver ,Turmeric,Tulasi and others.
The base is purified mined mud along with other useful minerals.
13)Massage oil: Ancient systems of medicine have emphasized a lot on massage and its value…be it Indian,Chines, Greek or  Egyptian.

The herbal oil is made using nearly 45 herbs and is based on some of the ancient texts. The
oil is  manufactured hygienically and according to the procedures prescribed in the texts. It is
free of any chemicals, animal products or any other synthetic material.
Uses:This oil was tried out on people with fracture pains, Contusions, Inflammation due to
internal injury, Sprains, Chronic back ache etc.