Aromatherapy Kits

Aromatherapy Candles:

These candles are not mere perfumed candles. These are

candles crafted with perfumes blended with natural

essential oils to produce delicate effects. These are most

suitable for creating the effect that you need. Light one or

more to produce the  effect needed.

Aromatherapy oils:

Essential oils rich and pure from Nature’s lap brought to you

by a company that has been producing  and exporting these oils

for the last twenty years.The oils confirm  strictly to International


Aromatherapy soap:

Made from natural and 100% vegetarian ingredients are perfumed with

natural essential oils to get the goodness and the aromatherapy benefits

of the oils.

Bath oils:

These are single or a blend of essential oils in an inert base such as Olive oil.

The Bath oils when used in bathwater, gives the benefit and the value of the

oils / blends used in the bath oil. A refreshing and invigorating experience.