We are manufacturers of Essential oils, Herbal products, Herbal cosmetics and Herbal mosquito repellents. Here, We would like to mention that the proprietor’s father first manufactured Herbal mosquito repellent way back in 1945 (WWII).

We offer consultancy for setting up:

1) Soap and Detergent manufacture line

2) Herbal/Health products manufacture

3) Product development and formulations

4) Essential oils and allied products

Experienced in

1 Cultivation of Essential oil Crops

2 Cultivation of Pot Herbs

3 Cultivation of Medicinal herbs

4 Extraction of Essential oils

5 Extraction of Alkaloids

6 Manufacture of Natural Perfumes

7 Manufacture of Essential oil based products

8 Manufacture of Toilet Soap (machine and handmade)

9 Manufacture of Detergent Cakes & Powder

10 Manufacture of Aloe vera based products

11 Manufacture of Herbal cosmetics

12 Manufacture of Household products

13 New Products development

14 Neem based products

15 Natural Pesticides

16 Natural Mosquito repellents

17 Food products

18 Natural dyes